Business services

Setting up a UK subsidiary

Our in-house specialists and multilingual experts master all the administrative, accounting, legal and tax aspects inherent in setting up a subsidiary or branch in the United Kingdom. We take charge of your project and provide you with practical advice at every step of your development.

For more than 30 years we have been advising and assisting with the launch of more than 200 foreign subsidiaries in the UK. Our team can contribute at various stages of the development of your project or on any specific issue. It is always worth asking us for advice since we continually expand our range of services and network of approved partners.

Information and advice to prepare the launch of your new operation in the UK

We provide you with information and advice in several areas:

  • Understanding your project and your specific needs
  • Information on the employment, tax and legal environment in the United Kingdom
  • Information on any British public sources of finance opportunities in relation to Research & Development, foreign direct investment grants and regional government schemes
  • Advice to choose the legal structure of your subsidiary

Registration of the UK company and registered office services in London

We support and advise you through every step of your expansion in the United Kingdom, providing you with the best services for your project and your business sector.

  • Advice on the choice of the name of your UK company
  • Preparation of the legal documentations
  • Filing of the Articles of Association at Companies House (within 24 hours)
  • Registration of the Directors
  • Choice of the accounting period and opening of the shareholders’ registry
  • Registered office services

Accounting and administrative outsourcing

Our range of services covers all the legal and administrative tasks required to start your new venture and include the preparation of dashboards and financial analysis tools adapted to your needs:

  • VAT registration and declarations
  • HM Revenue and Customs registrations
  • Bank account opening
  • PAYE System registration: The « Pay As You Earn » system relates to the income tax and social security deducted at source from the gross salaries of all employees.
  • Preparation of the accounting and financial management: Beyond the setting up of your accounting books we also provide services to set up reporting tools between the subsidiary and the head office. We will also assist you with cash-flow forecasts and management.

Office search services

Depending on your requirements, we will introduce you to the right local partner specialised in the type of properties and areas most relevant to you. They will be able to find the ideal location for your new venture in the United Kingdom. Our relationships with these experts enable you to benefit quickly from the best services and the best opportunities available.


We can assist you in the recruitment of the first employees for your UK subsidiary. Depending on the level of seniority and skills required, these services are either provided in-house by Frenger or through our network of recruitment partners.

Insurance & Pensions

It is common in the UK for employers to offer private health insurance and to contribute to the pension fund of their employees. In fact, by the end of 2017, it will become compulsory for employers to contribute to a pension scheme for all their employees. Since this area is quite complex, we introduce our clients to pension specialists able to advise on the best solutions. We also introduce you to our insurance partners to put in place all the insurance covers required for your new subsidiary (life insurance, civil responsibility, key people, professional indemnity, content insurance, travel insurance, etc.).

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