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Matching perfectly our clients’ needs

To be successful in a foreign market, CEOs often need to adapt their products or services to the local culture and demand. They also need to recruit first class “country-managers” who will take ownership of the new venture in the United Kingdom and build the right team around them to grow sales and revenues.
The probability of being successful will increase significantly, and risks of failure will drop dramatically if these managers are supported by partners with an excellent knowledge of the British market.
As the market-entry specialist with the widest range of services in the United Kingdom, Frenger has an exceptional knowledge that is shared generously with our clients. Since we have seen it all before, it is easy for us to provide advice and wisdom. Several of our team members have first-hand experience setting up and managing subsidiaries in the UK themselves. They are therefore in a unique position to share their own expertise.

One such example is Pierre Jeanjean, who increased sales in the UK subsidiary of JC Decaux (world leader in outdoor advertising) from £5m to £200m.

We have also assembled a unique network of independent solution providers, carefully chosen in accordance to their track-record of working with foreign companies in the UK and shared business values with Frenger.
These partners enable our clients to save time in the initial phase of setting up a subsidiary in the UK and also to benefit from preferential terms negotiated by Frenger; thus leveraging the buying power of many clients.

Our range of services has been continuously expanded over the past 30 years in order to reduce the operational risks faced by our clients. Today our range of solutions include the following, with more services currently being developed for future launch.

Banking services

Opening a business bank account has become a real challenge in the UK. We leverage our contacts with several banks to accelerate the process. We can also help you raise finance and manage your cash flow. For more details, please consult our dedicated expert opinion (in French) : click here

Public financing

We have established partnerships with specialist Tax Credit consultancies that will enable you to benefit from the generous programs set up to stimulate investment in Research & Development in the UK.

Support for Expats in the United Kingdom

Expats face unique requirements when they arrive in the UK, including: banking, housing, health insurance, pension, schools, and tax. Our partners have been selected to provide solutions to these complex needs.

Costs management

We offer support on the preparation of your business plan and advice to reduce risks of failure. We can also optimise the operational costs of your subsidiary by conducting benchmarking exercises with our other clients, and by negotiating better conditions with your suppliers.

Assets management

London is a great place to source advisors to manage Savings and Investments. The strong regulations in this sector also serve as great protection for investors. Frenger has selected several providers to cater for all size of investments.


The quality of your commercial documentation reflects on the image and professionalism projected by your company. This is not an area where savings should be made. Linguistic support and interpreting services is therefore often required for legal, financial and commercial documentation.

Training & Coaching

Training of your employees on UK GAAP and international accounting rules, legal, HR and tax matters specific to the United Kingdom is often required. We can also provide training on the use of the Sage software package.

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