FDI Consulting services

FDI Consulting

Frenger Consulting can provide you with advisory services on:

Strategy & Segmentation

Frenger FDI Consulting can assist you with:

  • Understanding the strengths of your territory, analysing your current value proposition and your potential to further strengthen your local industries by attracting international investors
  • Prioritising sectors, sub-sectors and geographical targets
  • Defining your key selling points and messages per sub-sector and target geography
  • Developing your action plan

Sector and corporate intelligence

We offer:

  • A tailored service of corporate intelligence
  • Competitor analysis to help you better position your territory
  • Regular and concise reports on sector and economic trends in your target geographies

Training and Coaching

Our senior FDI consultants offer bespoke in-house training matching your needs:

  • How to identify high potential companies
  • Reaching out to key decision makers
  • Awareness of cultural differences and their impact
  • Understanding companies’ recurrent needs
  • Developing strong key messages
  • Efficiently following up with a company over a long period of time
  • Converting a project
  • Servicing an M&A project

Positioning and Satisfaction Surveys

Frenger’s services in this area include reaching out to former investment leads, successes or lost projects; as well as positioning surveys reaching out to companies forming part of your ideal target group.

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