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Frenger Corporate Finance advises French Group Scutum on the acquisition of Fire Protection Group (FPG)

Frenger Corporate Finance is delighted to announce the completion of the acquisition of Scottish company FPG by Scutum; one of France’s leading Electronic and Fire surveillance providers.

This is the third successful acquisition for Scutum by Frenger Corporate Finance. Frenger initiated and managed the entire process from research and prospection to closing to allow the acquisition of FPG which is specialized in providing fire and security solutions to the British market.
In recent years, Scutum has focussed its development strategy internationally particularly targeting the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and Benelux markets. For the UK, Scutum has relied exclusively on the M&A expertise and sector knowledge of Frenger Corporate Finance to achieve their ambitious growth objectives. In two years, Scutum will have acquired three new British entities which complement its product portfolio while extending the international footprint of the group.
Frank Namy, Chairman of the executive board, explained that: “The acquisition of FPG is the third operation realised by Scutum with the help of Frenger in less than two years. The strong network developed by Frenger in the UK allowed us to identify and meet shareholders of FPG before a sale process has been launched. Therefore, we were ahead of the game and we were able to negotiate terms of the transaction that aligned with our business plan.”
Created in 1989, FPG generates a turnover of over £10 million and has more than 70 employees across 6 locations between Scotland and the South of England. The company will bring complementarity in terms of geographical locations (particularly in Scotland where Scutum is not present) and services (the main focus of FPG is Fire Protection while Scutum is mainly focus on electronic security). Through its clients, FPG will also bring access to new industries that are not currently serviced by Scutum.
FPG is the second target identified by Frenger Corporate Finance and acquired by Scutum in the UK outside of a structured sale process. This positive conclusion proves the efficiency of a unique positioning and method developed by Frenger Corporate Finance, known as the “Buy-side specialist”. By presenting this opportunity to Scutum, almost as “an exclusivity”, Frenger Corporate Finance enabled his client to avoid competition on this file and therefore realise a good opportunity.
FPG is the second target identified presented for acquisition by Frenger Corporate Finance outside of a structured sale process. The positive conclusion of a deal with Scutum is testament to the unique position and process developed over many years by Frenger who have a strong reputation for excellent service delivery in this territory. Through Frenger, Scutum was able to conclude this deal almost in exclusivity avoiding competition and unnecessary price inflation.



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