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Accelerate my cross border acquisitions

Your company may already use external growth as part of its development strategy for cross border expansion. You may have already completed several acquisitions on your own and understand each phase of an acquisition process, but have questions you need to ask when looking at international acquisitions: Are your resources sufficient to manage several simultaneous acquisition projects across different countries? Will you be able to identify potentially interesting off-market target companies in a foreign market? Are you able to penetrate new markets ahead of your competitors by acquiring a strategically placed business before it is for sale? Are you aware of the particularities of the M&A markets in the United Kingdom or Germany?

Should you do it alone or with the help of an M&A advisor? When facing the challenge of making a cross-border acquisition, you have two options:

1 – Use your management time, the existing team and company resources.

2 – Increase your chance of success with the help of well-connected and very experienced professionals who operate in your target market every day.

Frenger Corporate Finance encapsulates a wealth of experience across various sectors and European markets, offering comprehensive transaction advisory services to complement and reinforce your in-house M&A team. With more than 15,000 companies annually screened and a network of over 300 M&A “sell-side” partners, we ensure an extensive sourcing of opportunities. Frenger will optimise your chances of success by finding the ideal target company for you at a competitive acquisition price, as they will not yet be marketed for sale.

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Frenger services

Screening Phase
  • Screening,
  • Target selection « Long List ».
Execution Phase
  • Personalised and targeted approaches,
  • Targets company valuation,
  • Structure of non-bidding offers,
  • Negotiation.
Additional services. Frenger can put you in contact with
  • Legal, financial and tax auditors,
  • International money transfer and currency rate specialists.
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