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Setting up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom

Are you planning to set up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom? Are you familiar with the legal, employment and tax environment of this country? Do you have within your team the required skills to deal with this new venture? Do you know where to find quickly and efficiently practical information on all these areas?

To ensure your project becomes a reality and a success faster, contact the Frenger Business Services team. They will provide you with the required information and will guide you through each step, from company formation and the recruitment of the top managers for your UK subsidiary, to the set up of your accounts and management of your payroll.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the United Kingdom and our experience of working with several hundreds of foreign companies, we can provide you with practical advice tailored to your needs. Frenger can also introduce you to its network of business partners (solicitors, estate agents, recruitment consultants, insurance brokers, financial advisors,etc…) with whom we have developed specific services for foreign investors in the UK.

Frenger services

Our services create value for our clients thanks to an expertise in accounting, financial, legal, tax and HR matters.
Setting up services for a UK subsidiary
  • Advice to prepare for launch of the new subsidiary
  • Company formation and registered office
  • Managing all required registrations with UK tax authorities (PAYE, VAT, CIS)
  • Offices/premises search
  • Recruitment
  • Insurance
Outsourcing of administrative, accounting and tax matters
  • Accounting and administrative outsourcing
  • Human Resources management
  • Tax management
  • Legals & Company Secretary
  • Dashboard and financial analysis
Other services for your UK subsidiary
  • Organise and support expats
  • Costs optimization
  • Assets management
  • Access to public funding and R&D tax credit
  • Translation
  • Training
Sector specific solutions
  • Retail sector
  • Start-ups
  • Nuclear,
  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Financial services
  • Creative and Advertising
  • Construction, installation
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