Your needs

Support local companies to export

Is your agency offering local companies support to help them grow their export sales? Are you looking to organise international trade missions?

Companies need a lot of support in international trade, as each export country has its own specificities in terms of business culture, legal and regulatory environment, market structure and consumption habits.
Companies that take the plunge need to be prepared and coached, so that they adapt their approach, and sometimes their products or services, to the target markets. They also need to be made aware of the human and financial resources that will be needed to succeed.
All companies will not be at the same stage of international development and will not have the same need for support.

You should be able to offer the following services:

Export diagnostic for companies that are new to exporting
Market research with strategic recommendations on how to enter a specific target market
Partner search or development of a potential clients list
Meeting organisation with potential clients and/or potential partners

You can choose to offer these services to companies on an individual basis or collectively during a trade mission. To deliver these services across several target markets, you can outsource to external partners such as Frenger who will have local knowledge, networks and experience.