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AWEX - Wallonia export investment

Sectors : Logistics, aeronautics, agri-food, manufacturing, life sciences, cleantech.

Issues : Manage AWEX’s lead generation campaigns in Europe to identify high value projects for Wallonia.

Frenger Consulting constantly demonstrate great professionalism and rigour in the work they carry out.

Alphi Cartuyvels,
Directeur Investissement Europe,

What is Frenger’s style ? It is dynamic and charismatic, and like Frenger’s founder, its team shows a positive, can do attitude. In more than ten years of collaboration, I have witnessed their ability to deliver constantly, their reliability and also their flexibility and their market knowledge

Alphi Cartuyvels,
Directeur Investissement Europe,

AWEX Walloon Export and Foreign Investment Agency

AWEX is the division of the Walloon Government in charge of promoting international trade and attracting foreign investors. The agency, founded in 2004, results from the merger of the Walloon Export Agency and the Office for Foreign Investors (OFI).

Frenger Consulting, AWEX’s partner for successful lead generation in Europe.

AWEX employs more than 450 people, with a network of commercial Attachés across more than 100 countries.

To attract foreign investors in Wallonia, AWEX is focusing on three main activities:

  • General promotion of Wallonia’s strengths relating to foreign investment, with the organisation of seminars, PR campaigns and the participation at international fairs;
  • Targeted investment lead generation with direct and regular contacts with companies;
  • Active follow up of international investors that are already set up in Wallonia.


In 2005, AWEX decides to strengthen its lead generation activities in the UK and issues a RFP.
Frenger Consulting is selected and becomes the representative of AWEX in the UK and Ireland.
Beyond a mere lead generator, AWEX was looking for a partner able to assist and to advise the agency with the conversion of leads and projects into successes, and to bring real added value to companies.

Frenger’s role

Frenger Consulting is the official representative of Wallonia in the UK since 2005. Because of the quality and number of leads and projects identified, as well as our focus on client satisfaction, AWEX decided to contract Frenger Consulting in France and more recently in Germany.

In addition to sector lead generation campaigns, Frenger organises regular meetings with companies, attends trade shows and organises seminars and events.

Following the pipe of existing leads is also an important part of our role for AWEX, in order to maximise the number of investment successes.


Thanks to our CRM of more than 65,000 companies in Europe, to our business network and our results-driven culture, Frenger Consulting has delivered many projects to AWEX with several hundred jobs each since 2005.
Focused on its clients, Frenger Consulting goes the extra miles and does not hesitate to advise AWEX on its strategy and the development of its action plans on the target markets.

Frenger’s strengths for this project

- Sector expertise,
- Knowledge of European markets,
- Native French speakers,
- Proactivity,
- Flexibility,
- Professionalism.


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