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Frenger International

"In a constantly changing business world, we enable our clients to achieve their international objectives by providing high quality, very focused professional services and by always aiming to exceed their expectations."

Your Partner in the UK and beyond

Frenger is a leading provider of International Development & Investment Services in the UK & Europe for Corporates and Government organisations. Based in the UK and France and with partners all over the world, Frenger offers four key services: 

Each service is delivered by its own team of experienced professionals using technical expertise and knowledge of specific markets to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of the international growth strategy of our clients.

Over the past 35 years we have provided such services to more than 1000 companies, from entrepreneurial start-ups to large privately owned or public listed companies from a wide variety of sectors. Our Foreign Direct Investment team has facilitated the creation of thousands of jobs and the attraction of several hundred million dollars of investment for our government clients.

We are an independent entrepreneurial group that cares above all for the success of its clients. We always build long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We never compromise on our business ethics and we always respect confidentiality in order to become your long-term international investment advisor.

Our motto remains unchanged since 1983:

     "Actions speak louder than words" 

FDI_ M&A support

Our Story 

Bénédicte Mermet

Founded in 1983 by French co-founders the late Jean-Noel Mermet and Benedicte Mermet, Frenger had a simple objective: to facilitate International business development between the UK and France.   

Initially, the Frenger Group mainly provided consultancy and export promotion services in the UK for French companies and vice versa for UK companies in France and Germany. 


In 1990, at the request of our clients and adapting to market needs, we developed our activities in order to:

  • support companies wishing to invest internationally through external and organic growth 

  • to seek out and accompany foreign investors in their exports by working on behalf of numerous national, regional and local economic development agencies throughout the world.  

Co-founder Jean Noel left us in 2018 and today our teams carry his DNA: passion and human values with an understanding of the world and people around him.

Frenger is one of the leading independent providers of international development and investment services in Europe and North America to businesses and government organisations. 
Our aim is to continue to make our group a player recognised for the diversity of its expertise, the complementarity of its activities and the quality of its services. 

Frenger offers you a very rare blend of attributes:

Unique Expertise

Acquired through more than 30 years of working with companies executing international investment projects. We provide the market knowledge that they need to be successful 

A Passionate Team

We love our business and we are passionate about helping our clients become successful in foreign markets. Some of our clients have been relying on our services for more than 25 years!

Great Ethics

We always defend the interests of our clients and we do not compromise on our strong ethical values. This is one of the reasons why we retain clients over such long periods of time.

Great reactivity and flexbility

We know that our clients need access to our services at short notice and we are happy to oblige. As one client said “Frenger is Service”.

At heart we are Entrepreneurs

We have built our success by advising many entrepreneur-led companies in their international expansion.

When asked, our clients consistently mention the expertise, professionalism, commitment and the level of service as going above and beyond expectations. 

Going above and beyond

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