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Business Services

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Business Services

Frenger Business Services has played a key role in the setting up of more than 250 UK subsidiaries on behalf of entrepreneurs, SMEs and large foreign companies seeking expansion into the British market. From administrative and accounting services through to HR and taxes, some of these companies have been working with Frenger for over 15 years.


Our clients enjoy the expertise, the great reactivity and the strong business ethics of our team, providing them with peace of mind, cost-savings and total accountability. This is why our primary source of new clients remains referrals from existing ones!

Frenger Business Services offers you an all encompassing solution. We take care of the operational management of your subsidiary and provide you with a tailor-made response to your day-to-day or exceptional management issues. We put our know-how and our network of complementary partners at your disposal.  


We have advised and assisted with the launch of over 250 foreign subsidiaries in the UK over the past 35 years, with experience from start to finish of subsidiary set-up procedures.  


Our multilingual team of experts take care of all aspects of managing subsidiaries based in the UK, including: administration, accounting, tax compliance, financial tasks and HR management.  

Frenger: your partner in the UK

Whether you are a small business or a large multi-national company, you will find Frenger to be a reliable, professional, dynamic and trustworthy partner.  

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We have unique experience, stemming from almost 40 years of advising foreign companies. 

We adapt our solutions to each client, providing them with the a wide range of services assembled through our network of approved partners, saving them considerable time and money. 

We provide outsourced accounting services combined with practical business advice and cultural coaching.

We encourage the sharing of experience between potential clients and our existing ones who have faced similar issues and challenges in the past.

Contact us to see how we can work together

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