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M&A Target Identification

Specialists in the search for cross border midcap acquisition targets

Based in London for over 35 years, we specialise in the search for cross-border acquisition targets for the mid-market. We have been involved in over 70 successful acquisitions in countries such as the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Scandinavia and North America.


With customised research and access to our in-house database of over 138,000 European, North American and Asian companies, we open doors to companies that are "not officially" on the market and generate a steady stream of opportunities, where many firms only focus on "officially" for sale targets. 

During this first phase of the business acquisition process, Frenger conducts a thorough search based on clients' strategic criteria and objectives through:

  • Access to powerful and comprehensive databases

  • Technical skills and expertise of the M&A services team

  • Access to sector specialists

  • An extensive network of M&A partners worldwide 


The potential targets who meet the selection criteria set by our clients (products & services, revenues, profitability, ownership structure, growth, geographical coverage, customers profile) will be ranked in order of preference and by how well they match the criteria and compiled into a "Long List". 

Regular update discussions with our client helps us to calibrate and refine the list of potential targets further. Using our expertise and experience we reduce the long list of companies to produce the ‘Shortlist’.


Ongoing Support and Implementation

FDI_ M&A support

We are committed to the long term and immerse ourselves in your company's history and culture prior to any search. As a result, your management teams invest time only on "pre-qualified" acquisition opportunities.

Depending on your needs in terms of operational implementation (valuation approach, negotiation) and your organisation, we advise and support you on the development strategy of your international activities by capitalising on our network of international partners  and our experience. 

At your side through all phases of your external growth and thanks to a perfect understanding of each country's customs and culture, our dedicated partners throughout the world are the best local independent experts to obtain optimal conditions for valuation and negotiation. 

We are committed to assisting you at every stage and protecting your interests with complete transparency and confidentiality. As entrepreneurs at heart, we are proud to have contributed to the international success of numerous start-ups, SMEs and medium-sized companies.

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