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Sectors : Business, Professional and Financial Services, ICT, Advanced Manufacturing, Head office functions.

Issues : Lead generation campaigns and organisation of meetings with qualified leads in the UK.

We have experienced a strong growth in our results from the UK since starting to work with Frenger.

Kim Lundberg,
Directeur du Développement ,
Copenhagen Capacity

We have always been pleased with Frenger’s professionalism. We worked with them for many years and have always been pleased with their results.

Kim Lundberg,
Directeur du Développement ,
Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity Copenhagen Capacity increases its results in the UK market through Frenger Consulting

Copenhagen Capacity is the official inward investment agency of Greater Copenhagen in Denmark. The agency was set up in 1994 and employs 21 people. Copenhagen Capacity follows between 120 and 150 projects per year.

In 2002, a study based on the EIM de EY and in-house data from Copenhagen Capacity showed that Copenhagen was the Scandinavian capital where most international companies set up their Scandinavian HQ. Købmandsstandens Oplysninsbureau counted 278 British companies already set up in Denmark, with more than 70% in the Greater Copenhagen area. The UK was the fourth European investor into Copenhagen, after Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.
In order to increase even more the number of investment projects coming from the UK, Copenhagen Capacity decided to appoint Frenger Consulting as its UK representative in 2003.


In 2003, Copenhagen Capacity decides to intensify its lead generation activities in the UK, in order to attract a higher proportion of UK projects going into Scandinavia.
Frenger Consulting is selected and will remain Copenhagen Capacity’s agent in the UK for 7 years.

Frenger’s role

Frenger’s role is to research and identify British companies in the Business, Professional and Financial Services, ICT, and Advanced Manufacturing sectors that are not yet present in Scandinavia.

Once the target list has been developed, Frenger determines, depending on the size, sector and international presence the key messages to give to companies and approaches them by email, then by telephone.

All potential projects are checked and qualified with a decision maker to better understand their timeframe, the number of jobs, the company’s needs and drivers, and the other locations being considered. Individual meetings are organised in the UK, every two to three months for Copenhagen Capacity. In order to facilitate crucial follow up over the long term, a consultant from Frenger attends the meetings with Kim Lundberg.

Annual lead generation programmes are suggested by Frenger, including the follow up of the pipe of existing leads already identified.


Thanks to our knowledge of the UK market and the target sectors, coupled with a strong database of 30,000 UK companies, Frenger Consulting was an extremely efficient and continuous source of qualified investment projects over 7 years for Copenhagen Capacity, enabling Kim Lundberg, their Business Development Manager to focus on the follow up of these leads and their conversion, with more than 18 successes over the period.

Frenger Consulting organised as well 4 trade and investment seminars in the ICT sector. Each event, in collaboration with TechUK, was a success with an average of 60 decision makers in attendance.

Frenger’s strengths for this project

- Sector expertise
- Knowledge of UK market and key players
- Proactivity
- Professionalism
- Result-driven
- Office in London


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