Our commitment

Frenger International offers you a very rare blend of attributes:

A unique expertise acquired through more than 30 years working with companies executing international investment projects. We create strong relationships with our clients bringing them the market knowledge that they need to be successful.

A passionate team: we love our business and we are passionate about helping our clients become successful in foreign markets. Some of our clients have been relying on our services for more than 25 years.

Great ethics: we always defend the interests of our clients and we do not compromise on our strong ethical values. This is one of the reasons why we retain clients over such long periods of time.

Great reactivity and flexibility: we know that our clients need access to our services at short notice and we are happy to oblige. As one client said “Frenger is Service”.

At heart we are Entrepreneurs and we have built our success by advising many entrepreneur-led companies in their international expansion.

A recent survey found a 100% satisfaction ratio among our clients with expertise, professionalism, commitment, and our service culture clearly identified as the core values of Frenger.