Business services

Specialist for the setting up and management
of foreign subsidiaries in the UK

Our multilingual experts know how to deal with every issue inherent to the setting up and management of a subsidiary in the United Kingdom. They can guide you through every step of your investment, making sure you get the benefit from our 30 years of experience.

We have played a role in setting up of more than 200 UK subsidiaries on behalf of entrepreneurs, SMEs and large foreign companies seeking expansion into the British market. We provided them with administrative, accounting, financial, HR and tax services for their new venture in the UK. Some of them have been using our services for ten years and more. Others grew to a size where it made sense for them to employ a full-time, in-house accountant. Others became so successful that larger companies acquired them. Our clients enjoy the expertise, the great reactivity and the strong business ethics of our team. It provides them with peace of mind, cost-savings and total accountability. This is why our first source of new clients is referrals from existing ones!

Why we are different at Frenger:

We have unique expertise, stemming from more than 30 years of advising foreign companies setting up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom.

We provide outsourced accounting services combined with practical business advice and cultural coaching.

You benefit from a personalised service from the start with a dedicated account manager.

We adapt our solutions to each client, providing them with the widest range of services ever assembled through our network of approved partners, saving them considerable time and money.

We customise our solutions to specific sectors, ensuring our clients benefit from our experience and contacts.

We also encourage the sharing of experience between potential clients and our existing ones who have faced similar issues and challenges in the past.

Our services in details: