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FDI Lead Generation

Frenger Consulting can provide you with advisory services on:

FDI LG_ inward investor

Inward Investor Targeting

We have developed a proprietary FDI lead generation CRM with more than 138,000 companies across Europe, North America and Asia, identified and researched for their FDI potential. Assignments can be short term, annual or pluri-annual contracts. We can carry out assignments focusing on sectors and/or countries across the whole of Europe. Our multichannel targeted outreach methodology, and the experience of our team mean that we are able to identify quality, tangible investment projects for our clients. 

FDI LG_ Representation conta

Representation Contracts

Frenger Consulting can act as a representative of your organisation across Europe: we have offices and teams of senior FDI & Trade consultants in the main European markets: UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. From these offices, we cover the whole of Europe, including Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria & Switzerland, as well as CEE.

FDI LG_ qualified list building

Qualified List Building

Frenger Consulting has a multilingual research team totally focused on the identification and screening of companies matching specific FDI criteria (size, growth, financial health and resources, sub-sector, existing international subsidiaries, etc.). We obtain names and contact details of decision makers to save your resources, and enable an efficient and direct approach.

FDI LG_ events organisation

Events Organisation

Frenger’s FDI Consulting team has a lot of experience in organising investment seminars, networking events and webinars across Europe; from a VIP dinner or roundtable with 10 highly selected C-level executives, to a seminar with 20 to 50 decision makers, or a cocktail reception with several hundred people (potential investors, consultants, service providers, journalists, etc.). We can organise events in your city of choice, such as London, Paris, Brussels, Zurich, Dublin, Toronto, Los Angeles, Washington, Santiago, etc.

FDI social media

Social Media and Communication Outreach

Our team can actively engage in social media on your behalf, managing communication and advertising campaigns, and crucially reach out to decision makers on an individual basis on social media, resulting in a greater level of engagement.

Other FDI Services

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