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FDI Consulting

Our business culture is very much to achieve the best qualitative results for our clients. We develop FDI strategies and action plans that are tailored to your objectives. As we deliver the lead generation campaigns ourselves, we know what works. 

Frenger Consulting can provide you with advisory services on:


Strategy and Segmentation

Frenger FDI Consulting can assist you with:

  • Understanding the strengths of your territory, analysing your current value proposition and your potential to further strengthen your local industries by attracting international investors

  • Prioritising sectors, sub-sectors and geographical targets

  • Defining your key selling points and messages per sub-sector and target geography

  • Developing your action plan


Sector and corporate Intelligence

We offer:

  • A tailored service of corporate intelligence

  • Competitor analysis to help you better position your territory

  • Regular and concise reports on sector and economic trends in your target geographies


Positioning and Satisfaction Surveys

Frenger’s services in this area include reaching out to former investment leads, successes or lost projects; as well as positioning surveys reaching out to companies forming part of your ideal target group.


Training and Coaching

Our senior FDI consultants offer bespoke in-house training matching your needs:

  • How to identify high potential companies

  • Reaching out to key decision makers

  • Awareness of cultural differences and their impact

  • Understanding companies’ recurrent needs

  • Developing strong key messages

  • Efficiently following up with a company over a long period of time

  • Converting a project

  • Servicing an M&A project

  • Using Social Media to communicate and reach out 

Other FDI Services

Contact us to see how we can work together

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